Get a clean, weed-free shoreline without the use of chemicals. After a free initial consultation, we use our Eco-Harvester to remove your aquatic weeds by the root. To learn more about the process, read below.


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The drum you see on the front of the Eco-Harvester is what generates what we refer to as “Dynamic Flow Intake” which basically creates water current that “draws-in” the aquatic vegetation to the roller and conveyor mounted offset below the drum. The dynamic flow created by the drum enables the bottom roller and conveyor to “grab” the aquatic plants and “pull” similar to how the old fashioned washers squeegeed clothes through the rollers.


The fact that the Eco-Harvester grabs and pulls plants by the roots eliminates the issue of leaving cut weed fragments and floaters behind that traditional cutting harvesters create. This is an issue because the floaters and fragments left behind and regrow in other parts of the lake which in essence spreads invasive vegetation instead of eliminating it.



The weeds are taken offsite and disposed of. Now you can get back to doing what you love most at your lake home.

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Our Equipment, Your Lake


We service a 200 miles radius from our home office in Watertown, SD. We are currently licensed to harvest aquatic weeds from all South Dakota Lakes. If you'd like to know more, please don't hesitate to contact us HERE!